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About Me

“In 2012, I ended up with a stomach ulcer and almost threw in the towel as MD of my Environmental Consultancy. So I joined a mastermind group and learnt a new approach and our revenue went from £2.8m to £8.9m turnover in a year. We grew it to 50 people & £12m turnover before I exited. I’ve captured everything we did in our startup to help you sustainably scale yours. That company has recently exceeded £100m turnover”

“James is so brilliant at making you feel comfortable speaking about anything. We now have clarity on our business vision and direction as a result of applying his approach”

Jude Shrimpton

COO of BrightLights (Marketing Agency)


Jay Williams

CEO, CarbonCode (Digital Agency)

90% of my lead generation comes from techniques JP has shown me. I’ve seen huge value from going on this journey with him for the business and personally. We doubled our turnover in first six months”

Miranda Joseph

CEO, Digiworkr (Consultant)

“One thing I love about the course is that it’s not just looking at increasing salesit looks at budgeting, team, even who you are & gratitude (which is hard to realise the importance of each, until someone pulls it together for you)”

Liam Ray

CEO, Virtus Energy (Service Provider)

You help us stay in our own head but give us the steps to follow tailored to our business rather than just try (& fail) to solve it for high fees. We have quadrupled our turnover in the first six months

James Blackburn

CEO, New Vision (SaaS)

”I grew the team 200% within six months of working with JP. We worked on simple frameworks that gave me the courage to go out and scale and establish my company purpose, vision and values so the new team understood my passion

Dominique Barnes

CEO, New Wave Foods (FMCG)

“James has been helping us in the earlier phase of our organisation, and I have found it hugely useful to bounce ideas or thoughts in our sessions, drawing on James’ experience of scaling companies

Sam Harris

CEO, Podvine (SaaS)

“JP really helped me get clarity on my thoughts in a previous business and as a result I successfully exited. I’m now on an exciting new journey with my scaleup that feels like my sweet spot thanks to working with JP and the wider Amplified community

David Sloly

CEO, Harvey David (Marketing Agency)

“I have known James for a number of years. He gets a good balance of brainstorming, learning and time for personal refection.”

Vashti Seth

CEO, Deki (Charity, UK & Togo)

“We saw 266% growth in our first year, with a new growth plan & focus on execution. Over subsequent years we transformed our model

Tom Saunders

CEO, Opportunity China (Education)

“Amplified has helped our business to build a clearer and more efficient structure that has enabled us to scale.

Anthony Johnson

CEO, ADN International (Agency)

“JP has helped us identify the gaps and build solid foundations to develop into a high performing business. We now have the right structures in place and I am playing to my strengths”

Jude Shrimpton

COO, BrightLights (Marketing Agency)

“James is so brilliant at making you feel comfortable speaking about anything. We now have clarity on our business vision and direction as a result of applying his framework”

Nick Russell

MD, Xonetic (Consultancy)

We didn’t have much time to think about how we structure ourselves in terms of working ‘on’ vs ‘in’ the business. I’m now able to think more clearly and allocate my time better as we scale.”

Andrew Mcdonald

MD, Credo (Property Consultant)

“It’s like having access to an experienced NED and an entrepreneurial network to mastermind with on a regular basis. Highly recommend”

Rob Morrisby

MD, Jambi (Digital Agency)

“JP has really helped me get the business onto an exciting growth path. It’s holistic approach is making me a better business owner”

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