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James Potten Business Catalyst Program

Meet James Potten

James Potten is an entrepreneur from Bristol, UK who has successfully scaled many organisations through rapid yet sustainable growth.

He has personally helped release the potential in many leaders to help them navigate the chasm for their next stage of growth.

His clients are some of the fastest-growing consultancy and tech companies and helped them gain traction in their respective markets online.

He also supports the impact sector through training, trustee positions and spent time on Necker Island business brainstorming for Virgin Unite. He believes in the duality of business to ‘make good, whilst doing good’.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs like you unapologetically scale as seamlessly as possible. As your trusted scaling partner, I help to pool the collective scale-up CEOs knowledge to help you catalyse serious growth in your business.

I’ll help put the right building blocks in place and together we’ll take your vision and help build predictability in your business to grow where you want it to be a whole lot quicker and with a lot less stress!

Working together and using my expertise to help guide the way, we’ll go on an exciting entrepreneurial journey. Expect the journey to feel highly supportive, as our partnership provides the framework you need to achieve rapid, crackerjack growth!



Begin with a vision planning process towards your desired future



1-1 support removes blockers on your path to scaling success



join weekly calls & access the tool kit to catalyse sustainable growth



Proven growth models build foundations with regular accountability check-ins



for your exponential growth journey as sales and delivery work in unison

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”I grew the team 200% within six months of working with JP. We worked on simple frameworks that gave me the courage to go out and scale and establish my company purpose, vision and values so the new team understood the passion I had for starting my company”


CEO, New Vision

What Our Members Have to Say

“I’m now able to think more clearly and implement best practice. JP is very approachable so I’d recommend to have a chat with him”

“It’s like having access to an experienced NED and entrepreneurial network to mastermind with. Highly recommend”

“JP has really helped me get the business onto an exciting growth path. It’s holistic approach is making me a better business owner”

“JP has been instrumental in helping me bring best practice into the board allowing the team to keep laser-focused on execution & releasing me to be more external and in my flow. The best part is he has experience of doing this himself, so it’s not all theory!” 

Scott Picken

CEO, Wealthmigrate

“JP really helped me get clarity on my thoughts in a previous business and as a result I successfully exited. I’m now on an exciting new journey with my scaleup that feels like my sweet spot thanks to working with JP and the wider Amplified community

Sam Harris

Co-founder, Syncify