Written by James Potten on 21st May. 2020
I often hear Business Leaders express frustration that their team doesn’t have the same drive as they used to in the good ol’ days! Trying to keep some of the magic from the original company culture for scale-up business is tough and as you add more people it’s undoubtedly going to change as new people means new shared values.
Written by James Potten on 15th May. 2020
I felt compelled in these Covid times to get these words out into the world. When there are so many challenges mounting on our own doorstep in the western world, the needs of those in faraway lands gets drowned out. However, these forgotten communities require more support than ever. I'd like to highlight the great work of Deki...
Written by James Potten on 30th Jan. 2017
Day one is over at Abundance360 2017. It reminded me of why I was fully hooked on the exponential journey, with loads of exciting new breakthroughs in tech, even in the last year.
We had an audience with Tony Robbins (life guru) & Steve Jurvetson (big dog Investor) on ‘what won’t change in the next 25 years’
Written by James Potten on 29th Jan. 2016
Peter Diamandis is an inspirational visionary. He has run countless competitions to encourage human exploration (initially space). He thinks big, talks big & goes big (he does not go home).

He has written two popular books called ‘Abundance’ & ‘Bold’, on which his yearly Abundance360 event in LA is based.
Written by James Potten on 21st Jan. 2016
Don’t tell me, I’ve been there! You’re up against it, it’s been another manic week. You’re giving almost all the energy you’ve got to tackle the daily grind. I say “almost” as you’re taking 5 minutes to read this...
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