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WW#016: Culture of Innovation

When you hear the word innovation, where does your mind go?

Do you think of it in terms of product innovation, or do you think about your systems and what needs to be adapted/upgraded within the business? Perhaps you might go a bit deeper and think about how innovation might enable change in your organisation?

Whichever way you define innovation, as your business grows, you need to encourage your team to to engage with change, and help created it themselves.

Make sure you give them time to work on things that will either make what they do better, help the client, or move you into a new market. Be involved, but give your team focus and autonomy. But it’s important to ring fence that time in the first place and use it properly.

You have to be willing to embrace change within your organisation, and to that end, see our next WiserWednesday event: “Creating a Culture of Innovation” above.

We hear from visionary innovators about how they have transformed their businesses and their clients – If you are leading a team and want to know how to build innovation into your culture, this is one for you.

And remember, as Andy Warhol said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Our awesome panellists this episode are Sue Turner OBE, Joolz Lewis, Paul Corcoran & Simon Norris. Host is James Potten. Enjoy!

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