WW#022: End with the Start in Mind

At this time of year I talk to so many people who tell me what their January is going to look like: gym every day, organised workspaces, artfully curated to-do lists to organise the chaos that December inevitably brings.

  1. I’d be willing to put down a fiver that if I were to check in with any one of them at the beginning of February, most (if not all) of their best laid plans had disappeared six feet under.
  2. So why not end with the start in mind – where do you want to be this time next year and if so, what do you need to do in January to form the habits that carry you through the year to make 2023 the best year yet?
    How are you going to get there, and what does your roadmap look like? Do you have the cash flow to get you there, or are you hoping the leaves of the money tree will start sprouting in the Spring?!
  3. If you know where you want to be, but you don’t know the right path to get you there, or if you have the strategy but you don’t know if the purse strings will stretch that far, maybe I can help you.
  4. I’m running a limited cohort for 10 ambitious Founders for the Catalyst Programme from January for 12 weeks. Would you like to scale your business in 2023 by taking one of the remaining spots in this select group? It’ll give you the foundations for building an organisation that can grow sustainably, so you don’t end the year with all your good intentions lying next to your gym membership in the bin!
  5. Take a look at my intro video to find out more – and think about signing up as a last minute Christmas present to yourself!


With Christmas just around the corner, we want to thank you all for coming on the journey with us at Amplified. We’ve achieved some great things, mainly getting working with inspiring leaders like yourself. We’re looking forward to what 2023 brings. There’s no WiserWednesday event this month, so I’ll look forward to seeing you at January’s (it’s aptly a fireside chat on making 2023 the best year yet).

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