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WW#015: Founder to CEO Journey

As I talked about recently, sometimes it’s difficult to take that thing you’re really good at and apply it to yourself and your business. For a lot of the founders I work with, that means they get so bogged down in the What and How of their companies that they forget about the Why.

You can’t neglect of the roots of your business. That thing you saw when you started, that spark – whether it was a way to help others be amazing at what they do or offering a change that’s needed in the world – that won’t have changed. But you might have gotten a little off track.

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds: as an engineer myself I know the tendency of knowledge- and tech-based people to focus on the granular details when you should be looking at a bigger picture: that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning and drives you forward.

We often struggle to look up and focus on our North Star. Being able to stop, take a breath, and properly articulate the Why is enormously cathartic. If you can build a strong enough message, you’ll bring a lot more people along with you, but you have to be able to convey the outcome you want.

If you do one thing this week, get a picture that represents a vision of where you would like you (or your business) to be in five years time. Get it somewhere you can see daily, so you keep reminding yourself of why you do this!

We are starting the WiserWednesday podcast this month. We’ll be interviewing successful leaders to find out the key elements that catalysed their business growth, as well as the crucial learnings they’ve taken away and been able to use over and over again in their personal journeys.

If you’d like to be part of future panels and share your own insights, get in touch, as I will be streamed via our social media with our >20k contacts across platforms (so good to raise your profile too!).

This month, learn about the the ‘Founder to CEO journey’ first hand from those that have been there and done it! Excited to have shared this event with Miranda Joseph, Jay Williams, Liam Ray & Karen Salmansohn who have been on an exponential growth journey the last few years. Video attached. Enjoy!

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