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WW #S1.E06: Rocketing Revenue

Only a brief newsletter this month, I am on paternity!

Still found time for this WiserWednesday on Rocketing Revenue for Solopreneurs & CEOs

Key takeaways from this event: – Build your brand by telling your story. PR works. Give it a try – Be ok with making mistakes, it’s the only way to learn – Make sure you have feedback loops and be agile so you can learn from the future as much as the past – Don’t try to scale until you have clear product-market fit – Ad spend can come later to increase touch-points with your potential client base – Serving your existing clients so they become raving fans is key Thanks to the panelists April Shprintz (Founder of Driven Outcomes), Mark Bruk (Head of Digital Growth at ClickMage, a Google Partner), Jose Ucar (Public Speaking Coach & TedX speaker) & Nitan Jain (CoFounder of Vaizle). Host is James Potten (Founder of


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