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WW#031 Scaling Up & Selling Up (with John Ratliff)

One of the downsides of being human (and/or of being an entrepreneur!) – is the danger of burnout, and any frustration you might feel when things are in flux will only add to your stress load.

This is something that John Ratliff and I spoke in our candid Wiser Wednesday Fireside Chat today – ‘Scaling Up and Selling Up’.

The fact that the entrepreneur’s journey can be lonely is something that we’ve both experienced and I was interested to get his take on it.

We also talked about John’s experience of scaling to near unicorn levels, then selling. He shared some valuable, super-practical advice for any entrepreneurs out there.

Some takeaways were to make sure we:

  • if you have a dollar to spend, spend it on your team
  • get representation if you are thinking of selling
  • check you are not working hard as an avoidance of something deeper

Thanks to John for being such an awesome guest. I hope you feel slightly Wiser this Wednesday as a result of watching! Enjoy the discussion above.

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