Are you better at hitting sales targets than your team?

The majority of successful small business leaders (and often many of the larger ones too), just have the feeling that they really should be generating more sales. CEO’s regularly experience real anxiety from not maximising the opportunity that they clearly see out in their particular market place. Becoming more and more frustrated with the activity levels and effectiveness of those around them responsible for delivering this critical element of building a business.

So what can you do?

Well, there are, as always, only ever two options:

1) You leave things as they are and let them tick over. Your team just meandering on . . leaving you, the business leader, to continue to feel the acute pain of all that lost revenue
2) You make a decision that things need to change and you equip your people with the mind set, skills and levels of activity that will deliver the revenue that you know your business is capable of achieving.

So how many more months of lost income are you prepared to let slip by?

But ok, even if you’re committed to making this change happen, there are the key questions of how do I go about making the changes that are needed in my business to really make a difference and, do I have the appetite, understanding and capability to make real change happen?

Well, help is at hand with answers to both!

At Amplified Futures we have a track record of significantly improving the sales performance of our clients, people just like you. And we can provide the support and input you need to start constructing your very own plan of action and with making it work to get results.

The proven steps we would take with you include:

1. An analysis of your current sales / activity targets and the associated measures you use
2. Carry out an audit of both your team’s progress and that of each individual
3. Map out your current activity steps for bringing in new business and identify potential improvements that would deliver more success
4. Conduct an audit on the strengths and areas for development for both the team and for each individual
5. Agree new aims, objectives and targets for your team, together with a suggested new management framework to embed the new behaviours, track progress and support ongoing improvement in performance
6. Suggest the content and approach for an ongoing sales team development programme.

Proactively identifying and making contact with potential prospects, building great, enduring relationships along the way and turning them into long term clients is at the hub of scaling a successful business.

All our work is underpinned by a commitment to a consultative approach to bringing in more sales.
Our philosophy is based on the genuine desire to really understand the client.
To be clear on their challenges, what’s going on in their world and how our products and services can be the appropriate solution that really helps them achieve their goals and objectives.
Working with them on their agenda . . . not on ours!

Our fundamental priorities are focussed on:

1. Building the relationship and
2. Gaining commitment to achieve a win – win outcome . . for both you and your client.

Action is everything!

Find out more about how we can work together to start to increase your sales revenue.

Find out how I could help you with planning, mindset, culture & scaling in as little as 1 hour a month...

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