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WW#036 Thriving Teams (that scale) with Alison Coward

You’ll often hear me say that you can’t cut your way to success. Usually I’m talking about that in terms of marketing spend, but more recently I’ve been saying it in terms of human capital.

With the rise of AI, more and more companies are discovering how they can use AI and automation to streamline their business processes (something I’ve championed for as long as I can remember!), but… what do they do with the workforce when they’ve replaced a bunch of them with robots?

Well, you can’t cut your way to success.

If you’ve got AI doing your coding, writing your blogs and closing your sales pipeline, then you might be tempted to think that you don’t need as many people on your team, so you decide to get rid of them. Which could be a HUGE mistake.

Who knows what innovative idea someone is going to come with now they don’t have to spend a mind-numbing 8 hours a day typing numbers into a series of boxes? I think of AI as a co-pilot to enhance productivity, not necessarily a direct replacement (and let’s face it, AI won’t achieve the leap to general AI whilst Boardroom governance at OpenAI is awry). Move people around, give them a bit of freedom to create. Why not facilitate workshops with them?

Which leads me nicely onto my next WiserWednesday guest this month. We see the return of the brilliant Alison Coward, founder of Bracket, and author of ‘Workshop Culture’, a new book that shows how running great workshops, and taking inspiration from them, can lead to a great collaborative and high performing team. Workshop Culture will show you how to create a happy and engaged team through small actions which lead to big results. It features a practical and accessible toolkit to help improve your team’s performance and productivity.

We’ll be doing a deep dive into scaling your business whilst still creating and maintaining a thriving team… of people, not robots!

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