Day one is over at Abundance360 2017. It reminded me of why I was fully hooked on the exponential journey, with loads of exciting new breakthroughs in tech, even in the last year.

We had an audience with Tony Robbins (life guru) & Steve Jurvetson (big dog Investor) on ‘what won’t change in the next 25 years’ Steve made a great point when he said ‘if we are gods, we better start acting like them’.Fair point although I think it’s more we like playing god. Peter D explained that there are 5 million truck and taxi driver jobs in the US that will be gone in the next 5 years. We currently don’t have the infrastructure for retraining and reallocating these people. It’s going to get messy. Making ‘America great again’ just got a whole lot harder. What struck me is how I connect so much with what Tony Robbins was saying about human behaviour struggling with the speed of technical change. We are unlikely to cope very well unless we also develop new ways of thinking. He explored our six key human needs and said the struggle up Maslow’s is very real and will continue to be so. His Six Human Needs model being our desire for: –1. Certainty vs 2. Uncertainty3. Significance vs 4. Belonging5. Growth and 6. Contribution(note 5 & 6 have an ‘and’ not ‘vs’ between them. Both can exist in harmony together. I’ll explore this more in a future post. So, here with some of the key takeaways from day 1: –- The rate of solar development is happening faster than expected. Coal is dead, long live PV (China have just cancelled the building of 104 coal plants)- Elon Musk says that ‘100 giga factories is enough to supply the whole world with batteries’. 1 down, 99 to go- Salk institute have actually been successful in reversing the signs of ageing – extended the lifespan of mice by 30% (does that mean we get a second mid-life crisis?).- Ehang single person drones. US company Lung Biotechnology have ordered 1000 drones for synthetic human organ delivery (not that synthetic organs exist yet. The drones are distracting their employees from making any breakthroughs).- [email protected] – it’s the Spotify for people who like to listen to tunes to get in their flow when working – all music is produced for it’s ability not to be remembered. Tay Tay’s entire collection is going on there.- In 2016 the four new elements were named. It’s really screwed that periodic table song.- Augmented Reality is going to completely change education, human interaction and how we watch Netflix. Finally, I went for my first ride in a Tesla. It was a Model X, and yes, we went in autopilot mode. It was ridiculously awesome. It just steers itself. This vehicle was at level 2 capacity (out of 5), which means there should always be a hand on the wheel. By the end of 2017, any Teslas manufactured since Dec 2016 will be able to go to level 5, which won’t need a steering wheel. It’s likely that legislation won’t go beyond level 4 in the near future, which means you can take your hands off the steering wheel. Elon was having a bit of fun naming his vehicles, having released the Model S & X, the next ‘Model 3’ was going to be the ‘Model E’, but Ford wouldn’t allow it. I’ll let you work out where Elon was going with that one.More to come on day 2. I’m off to try out multiplayer augmented reality ‘Call of Duty’. My sick bag is ready. James Potten Useful linkshttps://www.tonyrobbins.com/mind-meaning/do-you-need-to-feel-significant/ http://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2017/1/17/14294906/china-cancels-coal-plantshttps://twitter.com/jamespotten/status/825841217762062337http://www.salk.edu/news-release/turning-back-time-salk-scientists-reverse-signs-aging/https://www.engadget.com/2016/05/04/biotech-firm-wants-to-deliver-organs-using-a-passenger-drone/www.focusatwill.comhttps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/12/01/its-official-4-new-elements-added-to-periodic-table-have-formal-names/?utm_term=.bc5bf5b593aahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgVQKCcfwnUAlso published on Medium.



Peter Diamandis is an inspirational visionary. He has run countless competitions to encourage human exploration (initially space). He thinks big, talks big & goes big (he does not go home).

He has written two popular books called ‘Abundance’ & ‘Bold’, on which his yearly Abundance360 event in LA is based.

He spends the first-day shifting people into an abundant and exponential mindset. I’ll add a video at the end if you want to learn more (it’s quite salesy but worth a gander).

My key take away from last year was ‘uber yourself before you get kodaked!’
So, what else did I learn?
– Blockchain – an amazing thing that will revolutionise our world, once someone works out how to explain what it is.
– PV panels – solar has been doubling in capacity & we now have storage solutions. We get 5000 times more energy from the sun than we currently use. It will be the cheapest source of energy in 7 years. We should definitely build more nuclear power stations.
– The power of crowds – none of us is as intelligent as all of us. Got a difficult question? Phone a friend.
– 3D Printing – no food in the cupboard, no worries. We’ve got printed shrimp for tea kids (see newwavefoods below)
– Brain/AI interface – our brains each have their own programming language. I think mine is coded in Double Dutch.
– Drone – yes they do don’t they. Amazon delivery within 10mins of ordering. The cat will be pleased. Thankfully a company called Zipline are using drone technology in Rwanda to deliver blood for doctors to give to mothers after childbirth in remote areas. It’s saving lives. A journey that used to take 6 hours delivery now takes 15 mins.
– The rise of the machines – at the point of Singularity (when machines become infinitely more intelligent than us), go kitesurfing and don’t come back.

Finally, I’m mad keen on VR/AR, other than I get travel sick using it (as a teenager I had to leave the room whenever my mates played Golden Eye). But I didn’t let that stop me. I did:-
– Two minutes on a VR flight simulator. White as a sheet, I thanked them for the ‘amazing experience’ & headed straight for the toilet.
– I spent twelve seconds balancing on a virtual cliff edge. It was supposed to last much longer. I jumped.
– I manage to withstand a whole minute of two girls having a pillow fight. I didn’t feel so bad after that one.

So I’m super excited about this years’ event. I will be keeping notes & get my ponderings up here. I just hope no one asks me to explain the Blockchain.

James Potten

Useful links
See the Peter Diamandis & Tony Robbins promotional video
Prawns/shrimps made from algae – newwavefoods.com